Monday, September 29, 2008

Smarties - A Casualty of Aging

My nephew turned 7 last week. There was a pinata at his birthday party, which was filled with, among other favorites, Smarties. They are a perennial Halloween favorite with kids. Maybe it's because you can't just buy one little package of Smarties. I think they are only sold in the big packages for giving away to lots of kids.
Well, my 4 year old niece wanted to share her blessings with me and gave me a whole roll of Smarties to eat (such a sweet girl - sometimes). I gratefully accepted and began to dutifully eat the candy. It had been a lot of years since I'd actually eaten Smarties, so I was kind of enjoying the moment.
The first Smartie was great - just like you remember. The second was good; the third, ok. After that, there just seemed to be a lot of those little pressed sugar buttons left to eat.
When did eating Smarties become a trial? So sad. It is one of those casualties of getting older. Oh well, I still love Sweetarts.